Stereoscopic warehouse equipment

Intelligent storage characteristics
To achieve warehouse information automation, fine management, guide and standardize the daily operations of the warehouse staff, improve warehouse management, integration of warehouse resources, and bring the following value for the enterprise:
The realization of digital management / storage, material inventory and warehouse daily management business can achieve real-time query and monitoring; enhance the warehouse storage space utilization efficiency; reduce the experience of operator dependent, change in the information system to standardize the process of information system to provide operating instructions; to achieve on-site operation staff performance appraisal reduce the labor intensity of the workers; SKU; reduce the warehouse inventory; improve warehouse working efficiency; reduce the execution within the storage equipment; improve order accuracy; improve the fulfillment rate; "improve warehouse operation flexibility.
To provide the production and distribution process design, utility demand, project management, system equipment selection and configuration, data analysis and calculation, construction planning, civil engineering with design, power supply, gas supply design, project budget, automatic control system, computer software and hardware configuration, intelligent warehouse management system, software interface, debug and test run, warehouse relocation plan, training, inspection, data collection and transfer of the overall solution.
The system is mainly composed of rack, box type material stacking machine, pallet stacker, shuttle car, chain conveyor, roller conveyor, vertical lifting machine, electric forklift, information detection equipment and other major equipment and pallets, box, steel platform and other auxiliary equipment.



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