ANDON purpose of the system is the visual display, providing production information and break the traditional mode of production of the "black box" operation, suggesting that the site personnel to ask for help, and fault information. And help staff to respond to quality can be found through the ANDON system call production personnel and modify quality problems, improve and avoid the same problem in the future. Operators through the scene the drawstring switch or button to seek help and activate ANDON system flashing lights and music. If the problem has not been resolved to leave the station before the luck line will stop the production line. The system of ANDON will record the number of calls and stop time. By analyzing the potential quality of the process, equipment and related areas, help to improve the level of production management. Workshop production of all activities can be displayed in real time through the LED
1) Production run information: Production line beats and production lines running status information is displayed
2) For help information: Seeking help display sections or equipment station number, such as: the lack of material information
3) Workshop production information: Plan, on the line, day off the assembly line, monthly plan, monthly cumulative production information
4) Device Information: Displays related equipment failure alarm state line stop time information



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