Robot Laser Cutting Station

Including the robot in 3D laser cutting refinement has done a lot of related research and development work: general laser sheet, plate plate thickness and stainless steel plate in the laser cutting process and cutting equipment, special CAD / CAM software system, the plate of high power laser cutting technology and equipment in the development of 3D laser cutting equipment, the production of a wide range of robot refinement the equipment includes three categories:
Five, 1 axis linkage laser cutting machine:
Widely used in aerospace, automotive, metal and other industries, is suitable for special-shaped 3D sheet metal cutting, chamfering or plate cutting, with perfect follow-up, anti collision system, a complete system of CAM.
To configure:
Fiber laser, five axis linkage CNC machine tool, suitable for different thickness of the three-dimensional laser cutting head, CAM system, as an option of the horizontal turntable, sixth axis.
2, robot 3D Cutting
Special shaped sheet metal complex 3D laser cutting, laser can be used for three-dimensional sheet metal parts with small radius, small cutting.
To configure:
Fiber laser, high precision 6 axis robot system, which can be used in the seventh axis and eighth axis of the small round angle cutting robot. Designed for cutting small and integrated configuration, automatic processing system and oriented production line.
3, multi axis non-standard laser cutting system
The system is a combination of robots, CNC, PLC and other control methods, can be done within 12 axis linkage laser processing system. To achieve a high degree of composite control system, according to the different needs of the work of custom tailored low-cost three-dimensional cutting solutions.
To configure:
Optical fiber laser, KMC system or other multi axis control system, off-line programming software package.

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